A book trailer says a thousand words. Use Biteable's online video maker to wow your viewers and turn them into guaranteed readers. Most book trailers aren't very good. Actually, that's being generous. Most book trailers are lame. They're boring and insulting to the reader, because they fail to. Adapted from the term movie trailer, a book trailer is a short promotional video distributed across multiple platforms to help you increase your online presence.

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    Book Trailer S

    For this Book Trailer Thursday, here's something a little bit different. The Second Newbery Film Festival is an annual video contest in which. saw some of the best book trailers ever made from both big publishing houses and indie authors. It seems like every year the industry. One of the things Reading Activists love doing is creating book trailers. We've been looking at what makes a good one and here are our top six tips.

    Messenger Final cover design. A book trailer is a short video created to promote a book, similar to a trailer promoting a film. But where a film trailer is created by editing together snippets of the feature length film, a printed book has no existing audio-visual material to draw from. So why promote a book with a video? The obvious answer is that, as people increasingly download books online, publishers must appeal to consumers online. This means thinking past static book covers and short blurbs, to more enhanced media. And via site. This additional information gives readers more to base their download decision on, particularly the reassurance that other people considered it a good read.

    How to Make a Book Trailer for Free (that Looks Professional)

    But this is an extreme case. On its own, unappealing typesetting may not be enough to turn people other than me off downloading a book.

    Yet without creating a physical and aesthetic connection to a book via the design there is one less element to tip consumers over the line from browsing to downloading. And in the current publishing market where every book sale matters, this is significant.

    The Best YA Book Trailers of All Time

    To think this through, Gabrielle and I decided to make a trailer for her book. We commissioned one of my students Kallie Ennever to create the trailer for us. I handed over a digital folder with my drafts , layered Photoshop files and raw collage elements for her to work from the bits I used to make the cover illustration. It made sense that the trailer should match the look of the cover, to reinforce the visual identity of the book.

    Gabrielle wrote the script. How to make a book trailer in a few clicks Open Biteable on your computer, tablet or phone. Choose a book trailer template, or start from scratch. Log in or make a new Biteable account. Sign up here! Start editing.

    Use our guide below if you get stuck.

    Export and share. Get your book trailer out there!

    Getting started Attract new readers like bees to pollen First — congrats! Writing a book is no walk in the park.

    Professional Book Trailers for Readers | Elite Authors

    Most of the foundation bits — the background, music, font, and transitions — came from the extensive Powtoon database. To personalize it, I uploaded a couple of images drawn by kids, the book cover, and additional graphics used within the novel.

    The end result was something short and snappy that delivers the desired message. In addition to writing and marketing my own material, I also own an independent publishing company: Morning Rain Publishing.

    We are always striving to provide the broadest reach possible, and have come to realize that readers, especially young ones, enjoy videos. This series of short stories, published in two volumes, is also written for kids, so the video needed to be bright and eye-catching, but not overly childish. Rather than use backgrounds and music from the database, I uploaded files reflective of the chronicles.

    Anyone who has used presentation software can use Powtoon to create this kind of video.

    Images fade in and out, words appear and disappear, and the entire effect is one of fun and creativity.

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